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Urban Dictionary: fresh

And I had to play volleyball! And I had to buy pants from Victoria's Secret for $9.99!!

Urban Dictionary: Julia

She loves to do all kinds of sports like volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and even

Urban Dictionary: Foofoo

Volleyball, a lightweight game - not a "sport" - played by athletic girls and openly gay men, does not qualify as foofoo.

Urban Dictionary: venesa

She is also very athletic and loves volleyball with a passion.

Urban Dictionary: Suck

Person-- Boy, you suck at volleyball. Example for definition 2-- Person-- *having to do chores* Well this sucks.

Urban Dictionary: wreck

1) When the volleyball team ran the guantlet to initiate their freshmen, Bean picked up a sandal and totally wrecked someone.

Urban Dictionary: vamping

The Home Owners Association needs to Vamp It and add a basketball court and some volleyball nets!

Urban Dictionary: Little Pogchamp

a volleyball team. have you seen that blue team? it must be morgan’s little pogchamps.

Urban Dictionary: goof off

I completely goofed off in college, devoting my life to slime volleyball, Soul Calibur 3, and ultimate frisbee instead of academics.

Urban Dictionary: pepper

to warm up in volleyball.you pepper back and forth, usually two people who pass, then set, then spike back and forth.